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  • Get the new 2018 Z-Card!

5 Star Casting is offering members the opportunity to get the new 2018 Z-Card for only R75.00!

  • What is a Z-Card?

The Z Card is a very important marketing tool and every entertainer / model / actor or singer need a Z Card to market himself / herself to the entertainment industry.

Most casting directors require a Z-Card for upcoming productions and we need to setup your Z-Card to market and promote you to the industry.

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  • Get the new 2018 Z-Card and a one (1) outfit photo shoot for just R150!

5 Star Casting and Portography photo studios is offering anyone the opportunity to get the Z-Card and a photo shoot for just R150! This will give you the opportunity to get good quality photos for the Z-Card which is used for marketing purposes.

Please make use of this incredible Z-Card and Photo Shoot opportunity today!

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